Poras Group is present AePS services. Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) – Aadhaar Pay, We operate on a B2B model, where we partner with neighborhood retail stores who can offer Assisted Digital Financial Services like Aadhaar ATM (AEPS), Bulk SMS Services, G2C Services, Utility Payment, BBPS, PAN, Prepaid Cards, Mutual Funds & Insurance, Money Transfer, Hyper local Services and payment services like Bharat QR and UPI using the Poras digital services App. Our Innovative solutions are modeled to make the financial transactions seamless, quick, easy and strives to empower our retailer partners.

Industry Overview


Every household consumers numerous essential services like electricity, gas, water landline, 
banking, mobile phones, etc. Besider these, households also need services with discretionary spending like DTH, travel, entertainment, remittance/ money-transfers, financial services, etc. India, the largest democracy with over 250 million households, is witnessing enormous growth in the services industry. While new services are being introduced, the consumer base of the already offered services is growing at a steady pace. The process of availing and making payments for these services is often cumbersome and time-consuming due to the lack of an effective and sufficient service delivery channel. Pay point's solution capitalizes on this enormous need, which will continue to grow in view of the under-penetration of the offered services, growth of the service sector and increase in spending power of the average consumer..

We work towards:

Mirroring the government's own objective and vision, the challenge that we set for ourselves reflects in our mission of
+ Creation of digital infrastructure
+ Delivering digital services
+ Spreading digital literacy.
+ To create and deliver innovations.
+ Empower each and very individual to handle money in a simple, safe and convenient manner. Subsequently, when our mission is accomplished, our vision to be become the largest and most trusted payment solutions company will see the light of the day.

What sets us apart?

• I'm date boardlty
• Quick service delivery
• All device compatibility
• Web & Mobile App based service transactions
• Real time calmness payout

Why partner with us?

• Poras AePS is a platform to provide unbiased access to opportunities.
• We provide the best technological know-how to promote entrepreneurship
• We help develop a recurring earning potential.
• We enable people to become self reliant even with minimal skill set.
• We help maintain of work /home balance.
• We Offer a zero stress work environment.
• Poras AePS services can be delivered from anywhere and from the device of your choice. No device barriers.